Monday, January 6, 2014

Yet-to-be-acquired items for the Wall-O-Withnail

After much thought, I decided to post some of the items from the movie that I've been looking for but unable (as yet) to find.  This is on the off chance that one of you who view the site may have one of these items and be willing to sell it to me.

If you do, and you are, please contact me via the email address and I will write back to you and we can strike a deal. 

If I purchase a pheasant off of you vintage item seen in "Withnail & I" from you, you will receive honorable mention on this blog in the description following the photo thereof.

And now, without further ado, here is the list of items I'm still looking for!

The vintage yellow, black and white soup bowl that Marwood eats coffee out of in the "How DARE you call me inhumane?" scene.


Pure white salt and pepper shakers with large apples or cherries about mid-way down the shaker, seen on Withnail's dining room table during the creation of the Camberwell Carrot.

Please note:  These are NOT the Fransiscan apple salt and pepper
shakers, which can be found all over ebay and the Internet in general.  They are deceptively similar, but the Fransiscan shakers have much smaller scoops on the top portion and apples which are way down at the very bottom:


Uncle Monty's sherry glass at Crow Crag, held by Withnail (above),
held by Uncle Monty (below)

I'm of two opinions about this glass... it's much taller and holds much more than the average sherry glass, so it may either be a really tall sherry glass or just a fluted wine glass that they used for sherry in the movie.  It's not only got a tall cup section, but the base is very tall as well - this is no wee three inch tall sherry glass!  There are also two small bands of frosted decoration about half an inch below the rim of the glass, but otherwise seems to be unembellished.


A vintage Tizer bottle, with label still attached.  You can find loads of Tizer bottles with no label on, but only the best will do.  This is one of the items in the Crow Crag kitchen that comes and goes, moves around and disappears from scene to scene, but it's particularly visible in the "I'm preparing myself to forgive you" scene with Uncle Monty and Marwood.


Blue and white plate seen on the shelf at Crow Crag during the scene where Withnail says he can't go out and dig up some spuds because his boots are in the oven, but Marwood makes him some boots out of polythene bags.  Al Bowlly music is playing in the background - "Hang Out the Stars in Indiana".  Lovely!


The massive black mantel clock with carved spires in the "Imagine the size of his balls" scene.


The as-yet-unidentified black bearded bust on Withnail's living room bureau.  Freud?  Darwin?  Dr. Who?


Vintage chicken print, seen on the wall of Crow Crag during the "strangle it before it tries to make friends with us" chicken scene.  Yet another example of how clever the props and set folks were!  Some research indicates the artist may be John Vine... here is a John Vine chicken print I found on ebay:

Note the similarity in muted color quality and tail depiction.